Willie and Kate: Should we celebrate?

The royal couple

As a proud Canadian who was born and raised in jolly old England, I have been asked a few times if I am excited about the upcoming royal nuptials.

I suppose I should feel some residual national pride, but my instincts lean more toward the practical. My day to day life will more than likely be completely unaffected by the events of April 29th, 2011. Had I been invited, I am sure I would be exhibiting an excitement bordering on hysteria.

There have been much more important events in the news that should capture our global imagination and I wonder if we are wrong to focus the world’s attention on a wedding. On the other hand, the world may enjoy a break from hearing of natural disasters, terrorist action, and political debate. We all need to stop and celebrate the joyous events as well as bemoan the calamitous ones. I confess that I have become a news hater lately.  I feel that all that is being reported is the negative in the world.

I may not be excited, exactly, but I am no doubt going to be turning the channel to watch the royals and their pageantry parade through my living room and life. The temptation to be witness to such a positive event may affect me a little more than I am willing to admit. I certainly will not be alone. I will hopefully feel more connected with the world on Friday and it will be a relief to cheer on something instead of reaching for the remote.

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