Start Your Day The Protein Way

Studies have shown that protein gives you the best start to the day.
Processed cereals are full of sugar and added vitamins, and let’s face it – they are boring!
Try something different for breakfast once in a while and notice how you feel throughout the day compared to when you ate cereal for your first meal.
Get out of the rut where you have typical ‘breakfast’ items every morning and give your body the best fuel – you will get more done and not be distracted by sugar highs and lows, and not feel hungry mid-morning.
Try some of these morning meal plan ideas:

Monday: Superpower Sandwich – whole wheat english muffin or toast with scrambled egg ( zap in microwave with bacon bits) add slice of cheese, lettuce or spinach leaves and slice of tomato
Tuesday: Smoothie Smash – throw in a blender fruit (berries, peaches, banana, etc), yogurt, milk, flax seed, if you feel daring – add a dash of spinach or khale, maybe some honey to sweeten
Wednesday: TNT BLT’s -(Turkey ‘n’ toast/ bacon lettuce tomato) zap a couple of pieces of turkey bacon in the microwave and place between whole wheat toast, add lettuce and tomato
Thursday: Eggsational Omelette – ham and peppers and cheese – OH, MY!
Friday: Awesome Oatmeal – cook up some rolled oats – add some honey or maple syrup to sweeten and throw on frozen or fresh blueberries, and ground nuts

To plan ahead: try making mini quiches on the weekend and freezing them – they take seconds to warm up in the microwave and instant superpower! Also try eating leftovers from the night before – they would usually be packed with more protein than most other breakfast foods and are easy to zap and eat. Other protein packed breakfast ideas would include toast and nut butter (peanut, hazelnut, almond), yogurts, cheese and deli meats, bagels with cream cheese and salmon, any fish (fresh, smoked or tinned), try make ahead macaroni tuna salad with cheese cubes and sprinkle on some flax seed – just get creative and share ideas for great daystarter meals.

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