First Impressions: Dining Out

The Cactus Club Café’s warm and cozy entryway included a bank of seating in front of a wall of flickering flames reminiscent of chats with friends around the fire pit.

We were welcomed immediately and seated quickly as we had planned ahead and booked a table. The hostess was relaxed and efficient even though the restaurant was close to capacity. Our table was lit softly and felt intimate, though we were surrounded by groups of happy families and people enjoying their fine dining experience.

The waitress was knowledgeable when asked about the types of alcoholic beverages, and offered suggestions that were helpful in selecting an entrée from the tantalizing menu.

The food—a perfectly rare Angus Beef sirloin with seasonal vegetables, and a platter of butternut squash ravioli with shrimp that melted in the mouth—satisfied completely our desire for a quality meal. We left the restaurant envious of the people waiting for a table, knowing the treat that was in store for them.

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