Humpy Sweat 10, Onny!

So, once again I’m up for the ‎Worst Mother of the Year Award. It was my daughter’s 16th birthday yesterday. This was the calendar of events:
1. Let her sleep in, but sent her off to school with no lunch.
2. Made her a cake, but it was Betty Crocker and the icing clumped in the tube dispenser, turning Happy Sweet 16, Amy into something that looked more like, Humpy Sweat 10, Onny (Hey, at least it was better than the fire-breathing dragon cake I made for her brother when he turned 4 – everyone thought it looked like a puking horse!)
3. Fed her salmon pie (my favourite) for dinner which she barely touched.
4. Kidnapped her and took her on an hour hike with my walking group (made up of men and women between 40 and 80 years of age!) Hey, this was just poor communication. She thought I was taking her to McDonalds – I mentioned a walk, but she heard, “Sorry for the crap meal. Let’s go buy you a burger!”
Not to worry! I have an opportunity to redeem myself! Fish and chips tonight @AustinFishNChip in Mission. They have a deep-fried Mars bar to die for!



3 thoughts on “Humpy Sweat 10, Onny!

  1. Okay, I gotta ask — is the salmon pie the second picture? Because that is pretty… well, I guess I could see her point.;)

    And hey, at least you didn’t forget her 16th! Could’ve pulled a Molly Ringwald!


    1. Yeah, the Molly Ringwald thing actually did happen to me…I should have learned from that trauma! People have asked to see pictures of my daughter’s cake, but I was laughing too hard to think of taking a picture. Needless to say, my kids devoured it all anyway!


    2. The picture you are referring to–and quite condescendingly I might add (my salmon pie was perfection!)–is of the deep-fried Mars bar. It is waaaay more tasty than it looks. Seriously, I would punch someone in the face for one!


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