Religion in Schools–Open for Discussion?

I taught my children to respect other people’s beliefs, even if they don’t agree with them; so it surprised me to hear what went on in my daughter’s art class today. Amy’s high-school Art teacher asked the class to name an imaginary creature. “Unicorn!” and “Fairy!” were some of the typical answers. When it was Amy’s turn to share her idea, she called out, “JESUS.” The class froze, then the shit hit the fan. Some students agreed, some laughed, some were hurt or insulted; and the teacher felt a lecture was in order. He pointed out that it was not okay to speak out against religion or the beliefs of others. I agreed at first, giving Amy another lecture after she shared the story. But after considering my response, I realized that I was trying to quiet her voice as if she were in the wrong. She deserves to decide for herself whether there is a God, as does everyone. She needs to think about spirituality and explore doctrines and not be afraid to share what she believes. That is what freedom of speech is all about. Voices should not be quieted.

With Easter coming up, I am sure there will be discussions in schools about what it all means; and I wonder if a lecture would be in order for any students who dare speak of Jesus as if he were truly the son of God. Just saying! There are a lot of differing opinions out there! I would hope no one would be threatened by someone else’s belief, only encouraged to share their own.

And, just because there is no photographic evidence of unicorns, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!
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