Solution For Sore Shoulders: Microwavable Rice Sock

I love my corn-filled, microwavable cushion of comfort, so the cheapskate in me likes this hot sock idea. I wonder if it will smell like rice pudding–the corn one whiffs of popcorn when I heat it.

Crazy Green Thumbs

I’ve mentioned before that we are military. Every once in a while the local base or fort will have a fair for military spouses. The last one I went to offered job advice, help with nutrition and health, free haircuts (by cosmetology students…that was interesting!), scalp massages and this: the microwavable rice sock. Oh, have I enjoyed making (and using) these!

This is really a simple project and after being out in the yard raking, digging, weeding etc: I got mine out and soothed my sore shoulders.

Today I am making one to send to my granny. My granny is 87 years young this year and while her gardening years are behind her: the sore muscles are not.

Image My granny. A radiant beauty in her youth!

Image Still beautiful at 87!

She and I share the genetic gift of fibromyalgia. If you have ever wondered about this “cluster of…

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