Are you a Goonie or a Lost Boy?

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Top 100 80s Movies you MUST SEE with your teenagers. I am not just suggesting you see these movies, I am insisting that NOT watching them with your kids means you’re missing out on a fantastic bonding experience. So, start watching. Make it a weekly family movie night or a punishment—I don’t really care . . . just DO IT.

Pop the popcorn, put out the candy, soda and pillows and prepare for an evening of groans, laughs, and discussions about what the movie means to you and what your children found interesting about it. I always end up sharing stories about growing up in a world where computers and video games, VCRs and CDs were a thing of the future. My kids talk about what they imagine their future will look like and how the movies of today will be outdated and a history lesson for their own children.

You will soon find yourselves agreeing on how bad the special effects are and how the predictable plot lines are jam-packed with melodrama and corny one-liners. The following list are movies I have loved, or that were recommended to me. They are some of the cheesiest movies ever, but the values and lessons are ageless. The movies of today are so filled with distracting explosions and CG animations that it’s hard to feel an emotional connection in the way you can with the movies of the 80s.

And the kickass soundtracks and the memorable characters will soon have you all hooked. I guarantee you will not regret your trip down memory lane, because you’ll be taking your favourite people along for the ride. So, pick a title, sit back, relax and enjoy the show:

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  2. Airplane
  3. Alien (1979 but close enough)
  4. An American Werewolf in London
  5. Back to the Future
  6. Beetlejuice
  7. Big
  8. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  9. Blade Runner
  10. Castle in the Sky
  11. Christine
  12. Clash of  the Titans
  13. Cocoon
  14. Conan the Barbarian
  15. Crocodile Dundee
  16. Dark Crystal
  17. Day of the Living Dead
  18. Dead Poets Society
  19. Die Hard
  20. Dirty Dancing
  21. Dune
  22. E.T.
  23. Empire of the Sun
  24. Enemy Mine
  25. Explorers
  26. Fame
  27. Fast times at Ridgemont High
  28. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  29. Field of Dreams
  30. First Blood
  31. Flashdance
  32. Flight of the Navigator
  33. Footloose
  34. Friday the 13th
  35. Fright Night
  36. Ghostbusters
  37. Good Morning Vietnam
  38. Goonies
  39. Gremlins
  40. Harry and the Hendersons
  41. Heathers
  42. Innerspace
  43. Karate Kid
  44. Lean on Me
  45. Lost Boys
  46. Mask
  47. Misery
  48. My Left Foot
  49. Overboard
  50. Police Academy
  51. Poltergeist
  52. Predator
  53. Pretty in Pink
  54. Princess Bride
  55. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  56. Rain Man
  57. Real Genius
  58. Red Dawn
  59. Revenge of the Nerds
  60. Risky Business
  61. Robocop
  62. Romancing the Stone
  63. Say Anything
  64. Shawshank Redemption
  65. Short Circuit
  66. Sixteen Candles
  67. Some Kind of Wonderful
  68. Spaceballs
  69. Splash
  70. Stand and Deliver
  71. Stand by Me
  72. Star Wars
  73. Stripes
  74. TAPS
  75. Teen Wolf
  76. Terminator
  77. The Breakfast Club
  78. The Dead Zone
  79. The Elephant Man
  80. The Gods Must Be Crazy
  81. The Labyrinth
  82. The Last Emperor
  83. The Last Starfighter
  84. The Outsiders
  85. The Running Man
  86. The Shining
  87. The Thing
  88. The Wizard
  89. This is Spinal Tap
  90. Three Amigos
  91. Time Bandits
  92. Tootsie
  93. Top Gun
  94. TRON
  95. Twilight Zone: The Movie
  96. UHF
  97. Vacation
  98. Weekend at Bernies
  99. Weird Science
  100. Willow

Is your favourite 80s movie in the list? Did I miss any? Comment below…

2 thoughts on “Are you a Goonie or a Lost Boy?

    1. We watched Rocky last night. It is a 70s movie, but it counts as there are sequels. I realized I had never seen it! What a great movie! One of my faves is First Blood with Sly. I guess I’m a sucker for the underdog types.


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