Before You Publish, Edit That Shit!


Self-publishing is an incredible adventure filled with pitfalls, mountains and shit storms. So, when my first book is eventually published, I will pat myself on the back and thank those who helped, and forgive any errors I may have made. Because, with each book, I will learn from my mistakes and sneak up on that elusive noun called perfection.

Along the way I have found blogs that unraveled the mysteries of the internet, and tweets and posts that supported me through digital trials and tribulations. I am not too techy — but eager to learn — and sometimes I feel like a over-excited puppy tripping over its own feet and rolling in its own pee.

I want to share one website with all you writers out there who need reminding of the simple, but beautiful, art of editing when buried under mounds of programming issues, formatting errors and online horrors. I found heaps of helpful advice from Write Into Print. Click below for a series of tips on self-editing that are a pleasure to read as much as they are a gentle reminder to get your shit together before you ask people to read your book! And, as always, it is a good idea to let someone else edit your creation before launching it into the ether.

Write Into Print —>

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