Why I Don’t Worry About the End of the World

What if the world ended tomorrow-

As promised, the title I teased you with in the Blogging Blitz Challenge. I don’t worry about the end of the world for the following reasons:

  1. I probably won’t be participating—the chances that the end of the world will occur within the next forty odd years are probably slim to none…but if it did all come to a wrenching end tomorrow, I wouldn’t worry because…


  1. Let’s face it, fashion has hit its peak. There is nothing amazing to hang around for—it’s all been done. The glamorous forties, fabulous fifties, the carefree sixties and hip seventies created all the fashions we wear today. Forget the ridiculous eighties and the sad sack nineties . . . they tried, but designers failed to wow us and fell back to rehashing the tried and true. I’m happy with the fashion choices out there—no need to beat a dead horse.


  1. Music and movies reached their industry peak in the eighties. It seems all the talent from the eighties fashion industry runways migrated over to the recording studios and soundstages. Today, movie makers use the same old plots, slap a few relevant jokes in the scripts and package it as a 3D extravaganza and we are expected to sell our cars to afford entry. Nah, no thanks. I will stick to watching my faves from my classic collection. So if the world ends, I already saw all the movies I wanted to see and listened to all the songs I wanted to dance to.


  1. I had a discussion with a friend lately about food. We agreed that fine dining had reached the highest heights, and even fast food could not possibly taste any better. Our palates have met their match in the creative geniuses that whip simple ingredients into masterpieces. Our brains constantly crave foods that never seem to satisfy, and we are a society obsessed with food. But it makes it hard to enjoy chocolate gateau and juicy filet mignon (not together) when there are so many hungry people in the world. If the world were to end tomorrow, I think I would miss the food but not the guilt.


  1. The world is going to hell in a hand basket anyway—that’s what we are constantly being told. The evidence is thrust in our faces: wars, human rights abuses, animal cruelty, global warming and too many Michael Bay movies. I get their point—whoever keeps saying what a terrible place the earth is. But sorry, I still think it is the best place in the universe; but if it were to end, I would miss the beauty and kindness I see every day, and our constant struggle to try and get it right (even Michael Bay).


  1. I do not worry about the end of the world because I have led a good life, and enjoyed my short stay. I have not done enough to help others and I have definitely not done all the things I have wanted to do for myself. But I think, all in all, I have done the best I can doso far! Perhaps if I hurry, I can do one nice thing for someone, and do one last thing for myself.

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