Kayaks, Ferries and Bears, OH MY!

Sometimes a quick trip to somewhere close is all the vacation you need.

I visited my sister and her husband at their lovely home in Roberts Creek with my kids and an extra teen along for the ride. Yeah, that lets you in on how nuts I am right away . . . three teens on a road trip (and ferry ride) to a quiet, artsy town filled with quiet, artsy folk where hiking, biking and kayaking are king.

I packed the tent hoping my punk rock daughter and her best friend and bandmate would happily camp on the front lawn, giving them some privacy and a break from the boring adults. My fourteen-year-old son was on his own. He got to sleep in the giant bunkbed in the living room (my sis and her hubby are some of the artsy folk I mentioned).

The tent plan didn’t work out as a large black bear had taken up residence nearby and visited the property daily. So the girls had to sleep on the living room floor with my son hovering above them in a rather creepy fashion.

The house was in the middle of a bathroom renovation which was supposed to be finished weeks earlier, so we were lucky to have an indoor toilet, but no shower or sink. The kitchen was a busy place with six people trying to share the one sink in the house.

My plan to try kayaking for the first time kinda backfired. We huffed and puffed our way down the rocky beach, and then down to the shoreline with two canoes, life vests, oars and emergency paraphernalia. Finally easing the front of the canoe into the waves with the help of my sister, I stepped inside the plastic cocoon ever so carefully. I felt overwhelmed by waves of nausea almost immediately. I clambered out of the kayak after about five seconds.
So, I’m a wuss! I’ve been called worse.

I will have to try it again sometime, I suppose. I guess I just wasn’t made for floating around in a red plastic coffin. My vision of me cutting the smooth crystal waters with the blade of an oar as I glided toward a burning horizon was shot to hell.

I consoled myself on the way home by buying a White Spot burger on the ferry. Now, that’s more my style!

But the trip was just what we all needed. Peaceful, relaxing and fun!

Evidence of my humiliation:

Yeah, don’t forget to book a ferry reservation, and if you do, make sure you have a recording device to occupy three teenagers for the two hour wait:

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