Bogged Down With Blogs!


The BLOGGING BLITZ I began earlier this month with such fervor has quickly fizzled. I find I can’t find the time to complete the quota. I kicked myself at first and flushed with embarrassment when I thought of the promises I’d made to myself and others, and then went and dropped the proverbial ball.

It was a time, however, to contemplate why I was blogging and what I wanted to blog about.

I spent some time reading other blogger’s posts, reading over my own, and re-evaluating where I actually want to go with my blogging.

Despite my inability to complete the blogging marathon, I did learn a few things:

  1. Use catchy headings/subheadings
  2. Use bullet lists and bolded words
  3. Keep it short and sweet
  4. Organize your posts
  5. Optimize key words
  6. Be honest

But the most important thing I learned is that if I don’t pick that ball up and start running again, then it was all for naught. My advice to my readers: Have fun with whatever you do, learn from others, forgive yourself for any fumbles, and be thankful for the experience.

And my truth is . . . I need to write about what I am feeling in the moment and not dwell on topics. If I want to share something, I write quickly and honestly and am not concerned about how it is received because it is for me as well as anyone who might read it. So, reader, thank you for reading, and I would love to hear from you too.

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