Top 20 Most Popular Text Terms (for parents of teens)

When my kids were younger, if I wanted to communicate with them, all I needed to do was slam and lock the bathroom door. They came running…no other encouragement was required.
As they flourished into sunlight hating, moody teens, the only way to reach them was through their cell phones (yes, even when we were in the same building) and I had to quickly learn how to PM and IM and Text. Apparently face to face conversation is ‘Gauche’, or did they say, ‘Gross’? — No matter.
Getting to the point in your message is key, as teens have an even shorter attention span than chimps in a banana boat. I am developing a sort of code which helps express my message and the emotion behind it so my teens know just how irate I am at any particular moment. In order to prevent yet another battle of wits between my teens and I via our service provider, I have agreed to post the text abbreviations below with the proviso that I also declare that the list was not inspired by actual events, and my children are perfectly behaved and rule abiding at all times. I must also state that I am sometimes unreasonable and should not expect them to run home at the drop of a hat when they are having fun, just because the pizza (which was frozen in the first place) is getting cold, for goodness sake!

Use these 20 Useful Abbreviations for on-the-go parents of teens (at your own risk). Feel free to add your own suggestions and comment below.

  1. HFS = Have Fun Sweetie
  2. RYM = Remember Your Manners
  3. SHTYF = Say Hi To Your Friends
  4. NNTBR = No Need To Be Rude
  5. DR = Dinner’s Ready
  6. FF2I = Feel Free to Ignore
  7. NAVT = Not Arguing Via Text
  8. NEI = Not Enough Information
  9. NYC = No You Can’t
  10. QYB = Quit Your Bellyaching
  11. OMDB = Over My Dead Body
  12. GYAH = Get Your Ass Home
  13. BBMC = Bring Back My Car
  14. XHH = XBox Held Hostage
  15. WTYGH = Wait Til You Get Home!
  16. YBTDOM = You’ll Be The Death Of Me!
  17. TISYR = That’s It, Searching Your Room!
  18. FYS = Found Your Stash
  19. SYSOC = Selling Your Shit On Craiglist
  20. SYSS = See You Soon Sweetie

Postscript: Please do not comment below with LMAO, as to me it is an insult. In Teen Text, this acronym means Leave Me Alone, Oppressor! 😉 

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