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…(pretty much whoever the hell I feel like talking to…and just a heads up, we may not stick to the topic, and there may occasionally be wine involved).

—  I will be focusing on stories from women, about women, for women to celebrate that special support system called “sisterhood”.

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EPISODE 1: Meet the host of POD Sisters (ME!)

The image below is me aboard an 17th century sailing vessel — researching one of my books! READ MORE

A dream come true -- aboard a sailing ship, researching one of my books! READ MORE: http://bit.ly/2e3FMq0
A dream come true!

EPISODE 2: Pregnancy & Publishing (Huh?)

"It's Really 10 Months" team!
“It’s Really 10 Months” team!

EPISODE 3: Marketing Maven (Wendy McClelland)

Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach!
Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach!

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