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Lay Vs. Lie: Let’s Lay This Matter to Rest!

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By Tanya Trusler

You may want to lie down to read this @lancearmstrong!

All languages have their confusing words…words that sound the same, look the same, or have the same meaning. Especially confusing are words that have similar forms (for example, in different verb tenses) but are not used in exactly the same way (the present and past tense of “read,” with two different pronunciations, comes to mind). In my opinion, the irregular verbs “lay” and “lie” rank at the top of the list in terms of confusing forms and usage.These words are a particular pet peeve of mine…because I can never keep them straight! I have probably looked these two words up more often while teaching and editing than any other words in the English language. I hope that by writing out the rules here that we will sort them out, together, once and for all! Continue reading Lay Vs. Lie: Let’s Lay This Matter to Rest!