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Are you a Goonie or a Lost Boy?

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Top 100 80s Movies you MUST SEE with your teenagers. I am not just suggesting you see these movies, I am insisting that NOT watching them with your kids means you’re missing out on a fantastic bonding experience. So, start watching. Make it a weekly family movie night or a punishment—I don’t really care . . . just DO IT.

Pop the popcorn, put out the candy, soda and pillows and prepare for an evening of groans, laughs, and discussions about what the movie means to you and what your children found interesting about it. I always end up sharing stories about growing up in a world where computers and video games, VCRs and CDs were a thing of the future. My kids talk about what they imagine their future will look like and how the movies of today will be outdated and a history lesson for their own children. Continue reading Are you a Goonie or a Lost Boy?