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Ep. 5: Cathy Finley, Ethical Farmer and Agri-preneur

My goal with POD Sisters is to share stories, inspirational lessons, life affirmations, advice on balancing family, friends and business. So many women manage it all so well, and they have valuable information which can help and motivate others. The sisterhood we all belong to is incredibly powerful, truthful, honest and supportive.

I want to celebrate different women, and the myriad of roles, jobs, dreams, life paths and journeys.

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On Episode 5 of POD Sisters, Cathy Finley of Laurica Farms shares her family’s weird and wonderful journey from the suburbs to a hobby farm turned agri-tourism destination.

Cathy Finley of Laurica Farm

Cathy and her husband Ian are “ethical farmers”, farming organically and rearing pasture-raised animals. How were they able to make such a success of it, despite the myriad of challenges along the way–including a devastating fire?

Cathy shares their story and offers advice to those with romantic dreams of growing their own food and living off the land. Education plays a huge part in it all, and Cathy doesn’t shy away from teaching others and telling it like it is!



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After a day’s hard slog, there’s nothing like a soak and bevvy!

I look forward to seeing the growth of her farm, the construction progress on her new home, and what this award-winning entrepreneurial farmer will do next!

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