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How Much Are You Worth?

When you ask an editor how much they charge, you might get a mumbled response. This isn’t because they have a mouth full of peanut butter (though, they might) or the mention of remuneration causes them to have a mild stroke (though, this is possible); it is difficult to price a job without assessing the work (the size and scope and level) deadline, current workload, and the all-important budget.

Editors want to do a quality job for you at the best price possible. After all, we want referrals — that is how we afford all that peanut butter.
When I am asked directly what I would charge to edit something (document, résumé, website, ad copy, novel, article), I usually suggest they send a sample of the work or meet for a chat. That way I can assess their needs: whether any writing or research is actually required, or a structural edit, or just light proofreading. Quoting on a job as a whole can be the best course, as long as the estimated hours are included in the contract and all parties understand that if the work goes over that time, the quote must be revisited. This way, the expected cost is known up front and the editor can schedule the necessary hours.
If I give an hourly rate, some people balk at it. I remind them that quality editors work quickly, racking up fewer hours than those who charge less per hour.

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