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Positivity: The ability to absorb the beauty in the world, and repel the negativity.

I read a short post recently by Christy Mossburg. It was a simple shout-out to the benefits of looking on the bright side and having the right attitude in life. I thought to myself, “There should be more positive posts out there, and less criticism.” I read so many negative comments and jaded remarks and often it is just people venting or trying to find a forum for their rant. There are so many problems in the schools with bullying, and so many diagnosed cases of depression, it’s time we all started to support the people who shine a light into a dark corner and breathe life into a deflated soul.

So, Christy, thank you for reminding me to focus more on what makes me happy and share that. Thank you for bringing more sunshine into the world. And, dear reader, please share your happy thoughts or positive comments. If you have anything negative to say, bugger off! No, wait, let me turn that negative into a positive: Go for a nice walk, find a picturesque bridge overlooking a deep ravine carved out by crystal-blue rapids and dive right in–enjoy that bracing swim!

I will strive to see the half-full glass, the light at the end of the tunnel, and the silver lining around every dark cloud. I will turn away from the negative, embrace the positive–always.