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Work-at-Home Business Owners Need to Get Out Once in a While!

As a work-at-home freelance writer and editor, I find I forget to treat myself as an employee. I ignore my basic rights to a break, a hot lunch and conversations with other human beings. I neglect to schedule time to learn new things and grow my network, and I ignore my own company’s marketing.

I used to find it very hard to get up the courage to seek out others with similar goals and interests. It took quite a while to gather a group of supportive associates who I can share the work with and celebrate the successes. I had to force myself to get out of the yoga pants and actually attend groups and meetings with other business owners and find events that were of benefit to me and my business. It takes time…no doubt about it. But you have to do it. There is no growth where there is no effort — I heard that somewhere, and it has become my mantra.

Collaborating with Peers

Reorganizing a pile of stuffed animals can NOT be classed a business meeting; and alphabetizing the business cards you received last year does NOT count as networking.

For home-based businesses, it can be difficult to actually leave the house. I get it! I have to actually make a huge effort — but it ALWAYS pays off. It is important to hunt down business meetup groups and like-minded individuals who can inspire you and lead to possible business collaborations. Find classes and lectures about the things you are weak on: social media, marketing, blogging, public speaking, bookkeeping and organizing.

There is something for everyone out there.

Breaks and Lunches

Staring at the wall, contemplating what to make for dinner does NOT constitute a break; chowing down on the candy you hid from your kids is NOT a healthy lunch. It is important to remember to feed yourself healthy foods throughout the day. I’m sure you’re like me: when there is no one peeking at what I am eating, I tend to forget to eat and then snack on the quickest food I can find (which is usually cheese strings and chips). Treat yourself to a trip to a deli or bakery once in a while. Take a break and grab a coffee with a friend or business associate. You would do this if you worked in an office, so you need to take that time for a time-out.

Search Facebook and LinkedIn to find groups with similar business interests and promote your company.

Try this cool new business networking app: http://bit.ly/1rSdDNb

Here are some links to help you GET OUT OF THE HOUSE:

Share your favourite networking group and any advice you have for home-based businesses in the comments below…or contact me on FB or LinkedIn and we can count it as a business meeting!


How Much Are You Worth?

When you ask an editor how much they charge, you might get a mumbled response. This isn’t because they have a mouth full of peanut butter (though, they might) or the mention of remuneration causes them to have a mild stroke (though, this is possible); it is difficult to price a job without assessing the work (the size and scope and level) deadline, current workload, and the all-important budget.

Editors want to do a quality job for you at the best price possible. After all, we want referrals — that is how we afford all that peanut butter.
When I am asked directly what I would charge to edit something (document, résumé, website, ad copy, novel, article), I usually suggest they send a sample of the work or meet for a chat. That way I can assess their needs: whether any writing or research is actually required, or a structural edit, or just light proofreading. Quoting on a job as a whole can be the best course, as long as the estimated hours are included in the contract and all parties understand that if the work goes over that time, the quote must be revisited. This way, the expected cost is known up front and the editor can schedule the necessary hours.
If I give an hourly rate, some people balk at it. I remind them that quality editors work quickly, racking up fewer hours than those who charge less per hour.

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